Our upbeat, informative course is for
people of all ages, with any level of
hearing loss — from mild to profound.
Others are welcome too: bring family,
friends, & caregivers. 

Monday Mornings

10:00 a.m. – 12 noon

March 23 – May 11

March 20 to May 8​

Thursday Mornings

10:00 a.m. – 12 noon

​Sounds like hearing loss!

Adapting Well to Hearing Loss

How will I
understand in class?" 

Is your vocabulary being
taken over by the word “What?” 

"But I'm going deaf.

Social Sign Language

Both classes are limited to 15 participants. Sign up today to reserve your spot!

​​Each class features abundant visual
materials, interactive exercises, & CART captions. Listening devices available.
Class is free; $25 materials ​fee for
​course workbook.

Each class has live captions, or CART. Text ​is projected onto a screen. Listening devices are available, usable with or without hearing aids. These classes are presented by ALDA members who are deafened & use English and signing language. ASL interpreters available on request.

1001 Arapahoe Avenue

Eldorado Room, 1st floor

This FREE 8-week course for beginners offers 
​a creative & adaptive response for people who are losing their hearing. Our focus is on using signing for everyday chatting & enjoyment. 

Is your world going quiet,
​or are people mumbling more?    

New! Spring 2023 ALDA-Boulder Consumer Classes

See the Get Involved page of this website & use the Contact Form, or sign up by email, text, or mail.

1001 Arapahoe Avenue

Eldorado Room, 1st floor

​This “invisible disability” can profoundly affect our lives, especially if we make ourselves more invisible by dropping
out of activities we enjoy. 

  • No signing experience is needed."Rusty" & out-of- practice signers welcome!
  • For people with any
    level of hearing loss —
    mild to profound.
  • All ages welcome. Bring 
    a partner for practice!
  • ​​​​Taught by deafened ALDA members who sign & voice.

Our informal & interactive class covers:

• Introduction to visual language
• The ASL alphabet & numbers 

• Sign Clusters: Questions & Answers •
   Numbers & Time • Family & Friends •
   Actions & Movement • Places & Events •
   Feelings & Descriptions • Food & Drink


  • Awareness: 5 Worst Reactions to Hearing Loss … and 5 Better Ones
  • Equipment: Tools & Technology for Adapting to Hearing Loss
  • Interactions: Winning Conversation Strategies
  • Experiences: The Inner Side of Hearing Loss
  • Connections: Telephone, Computer, & Online Options
  • Action: Self-Advocacy, Access Rights, & Community Engagement
  • Finding Community: National, State, & Local Groups & Resources
  • Participation: Navigating Social Situations

Visual Communication Basics


Talk with your hands —

Learn how to reconnect with your world: 
try new strategies, creative conversation options, technology & tools, & home adaptations so you can enjoy life again.

Course Goals

  • Increase knowledge about
    how people adapt well to 
    hearing loss or deafness
  • Learn tools & techniques to
    manage everyday situations
    ​& special events
  • Improve awareness of the 
    many resources available
    to help ​you along on your
    ​hearing loss path
  • Share information in a
    setting that's accessible
    & welcoming, with plenty
    of activities ​& discussions

           Listen with your eyes

The 8-week Transitions course covers:

​​​Class is free. Optional 
​course workbook: $25.​