Camp Dick features plenty
​of hiking trails & scenery. Campsite 33 is  in the trees with wildflowers all around

Or use the Contact Form on the Get Involved page of this website to make camping reservations, to request trip flyers, or to ask questions. 

Stove Prairie Campground: In Poudre River Canyon west of Fort Collins  

  • We use Forest Service campgrounds that have camp hosts, water, firewood, toilets, picnic tables, ​fire pit & grill, and tent pads. We've chosen the best campsites, in the trees and next to water.
  • We bring our complete camping rig: 3 tents, sleeping pads, all kitchen & cooking gear, dishes & utensils for all, coolers & food boxes, water supply, campfire tools, rain & sun shelters, shower tent, and sometimes kayaks. You bring: Your own sleeping bag, camp chair, and clothes. 
  • We have a health & wellness focus: We make healthy meals and snacks, with group and solo activities and workouts at each camp. We plan the menus and activities together before each trip.
  • Low-cost, cooperative camping: We share all trip expenses and carpool to camp. We buy food together and bring favorite things from ​home. Everyone helps out with camp tasks. 
  • Free sign language classes and practice offered at each camp, based on ALDA–Boulder's own Social Sign Language class series. Our camps are deaf-friendly, elder-friendly, and kid-friendly.

Stove Prairie Campsite 3: ​Relaxing by ​the Poudre River

Aspenglen Campground: Inside Rocky Mountain National Park

So make your reservations EARLY to save your space! See below for contact information for reservations.

Explore Poudre Canyon from Mountain Park

Campsite 1   Wednesday, August 23 — Monday, August 28    5 nights camping

These campsites are in the tree-shaded tent-only area inside a bend
of the Poudre River — sleep to soothing river sounds. Hang up your hammock in the trees and watch rafts and kayaks float by. Hike newly restored Young Gulch Trail, with meadows and waterfalls. Or visit Mountain Park Campground upstream, for hot showers! This trip is
​great for group or family camping! 
Trip 1 limit: 8 people, 2 cars. 
Trip 2 limit: 16 people, 4 cars (2 campsites).

Trip 1: Campsite W4   Wednesday, July 6 — Sunday, July 10   4 nights camping

Trip 2: Campsite 13    Wednesday, August 2 — Sunday, August 6    4 nights

Great Trips for Summer 2023! 

ALDA–Boulder offers its fifth year of car-and-tent camping trips. We choose beautiful places that
​have activities for people all ages — first-time campers to experienced adventurers are all welcome.
​We are people with all levels of hearing loss – from mild to profound. Bring your friends & family too!

Camp Dick Campground:       On the Peak-to-Peak Scenic Highway      

Join us in a beautiful small campground near the Fall River Visitor Center, in the tent-only Loop A. This campsite is in the trees, close 
to Fall River and walking paths. Elk & deer sightings are common
in camp. Hike 3-mile Aspenglen Loop for great views, wildflowers,
​and wildlife watching. Visit Estes Park, 5 miles from camp. Drive
the historic Old Fall River ​Road (built in 1920), ​a scenic, one-way
gravel road that meets up with Trail Ridge Road ​at 11,796 feet.  
Trip limit: 8 people, 2 cars.

Note: Campsites have a limit of EIGHT people per campsite, or 16 people where we've booked 2 campsites.

Pawnee Campground: Next to Brainard Lake & the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

From Boulder: 70 miles, 1.7 hours drive time     Elevation: 6500 feet

From Boulder: 24 miles, 50-minute drive  Elevation: 8500 feet

Drive Old Fall River Road, explore the National Park
and Visitor Centers, and
​sleep among the trees

From Boulder: 88 miles, 2 hours drive time     Elevation: 8200 feet

Mountain Park Campground: On the Cache La Poudre River west of Fort Collins

Summer 2023 Camping Schedule

ALDA–Boulder Small-Group Co-op Camping Program

Peaceful Valley Site 1 on Middle St. Vrain Creek

Contact us for more camping information

  • We can send you flyers with descriptions & details about each camp (PDFs), including ​campground and area information, side trips, lists
    ​of the gear we bring, weather info, maps, and driving instructions.

  • Do a whole trip or just a few days — whatever works. We welcome solo campers, groups, families, and couples.

ALDA-Boulder Outdoor Programs

Kayak on Dowdy Lake, climb boulders in camp, or hang up a hammock and relax

Pawnee camp: Brainard Lake & walk-in tent site

Pawnee Campground is a very special place west of Boulder and above Ward. Camp is next to Brainard Lake & on the edge of the scenic Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Brainard Lake has an abundance of wildflower
meadows and great views of alpine lakes and meadows on hiking trails, rated easy to advanced. Early risers might spot moose herds feeding 
near the lake. Trip 1 on Elk Loop has a walk-in tent site in dense alpine forest. Trip 2 has a campsite on Elk Loop is at the edge of the forest.
We're camping at 10,300 feet and nights can be cool, so bring warm clothes. And expect some afternoon rains. Side trip to Nederland ​to
ride the Carousel of Happiness, explore the Wild Bear Nature Center,
and visit local shops ​and restaurants.  
Trip limit: 8 people, 2 cars.

Peaceful Valley Campground: On the Peak-to-Peak Scenic Highway above Ward

In Peaceful Valley west of Boulder, by Middle St. Vrain Creek.
Camp Dick was built as a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in
the 1930s–1940s, as workers built campgrounds, hiking trails,
& public works in the area. Campsite 33 is in the trees next to wildflower meadows full of butterflies & hummingbirds. Hike ​the
1-mile trail to Peaceful Valley Campground, with abundant columbines, or try other moderate to advanced trails nearby: Buchanan Pass, Sourdough, Coney Creek. Have a picnic along
the creek. Side trips to Ward or Nederland to ride the Carousel
​of Happiness.  
Trip limit: 8 people, 2 cars.

From Boulder: 23 miles, 50 minutes drive time     Elevation: 8500 feet

From Boulder: 43 miles, 1 hour drive    Elevation: 8190 feet

​​Campsites 9 & 11 in Bear Loop   Wednesday, June 21 — Monday, June 26    5 nights 

Camp among the pines along the Cache la Poudre River, Colorado's first Wild and Scenic River. Two trailheads begin at camp: walk the 2-mile Kreutzer Nature Trail with interpretive signs, or take the 2.7-mile Mt. McConnel Trail to the ​7,960-foot summit. In camp: volleyball & basketball courts, a playground — and hot showers!  Trip limit: 16 people, 4 cars.

Let's go camping this summer!

From Boulder: 25 miles, 1 hour drive time     Elevation: 10,300 feet

Make your camping reservation EARLY!

  • We have limits of 8 people per campsite, so reserve your space soon.
  • Tell us which trip you want to join (campground name & trip number), which days, how many campers, and their names and ages.
  • We'll contact you to discuss meal plans, activities, and transportation.

Trip 1: Campsite 22    Thursday, June 29 — Monday, July 3    4 nights camping

Trip 2: Campsite 22   Tuesday, July 4 — Monday, July 10    6 nights camping

Trip 3: Campsites 22 & 23  Sunday, August 13 — Saturday, August 19  6 nights

Trip 1: Campsite 3    Friday, June 2 — Wednesday, June 7    5 nights camping

Trip 2: Campsites 3 & 4    Wednesday, July 26 — Monday, July 31    5 nights

Dowdy Lake Campground: In the Red Feather Lakes area NW of Fort Collins

Campsite 4   Sunday, June 11 — Sunday, June 18    7 nights camping

Camp in the tent-only walk-in area at lake's edge, and enjoy sunrises
over the lake, sunset clouds, and star-filled night skies. Our campsite
has boulders to climb and is shaded by trees — try some hammock therapy! Kayak on the lake to explore islands, inlets, & a beaver lodge (we bring the boats & gear). Hike or bike the 2-mile trail around the lake. Or try a 4-mile hike *down* to the summit of Mount Margaret. Visit the nearby village for rustic shops & treats. Side trips to see the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya at Drala Mountain Center or visit St. Walburga Abbey.  
Trips 1 & 2 limit: 8 people, 2 cars. Trip 3 limit: 16 people, 4 cars.

Social & Recreational Events for People with Hearing Loss

Camp amid pine and aspen forests in a glacier-carved valley. Our camp
is in the trees next to Middle St. Vrain Creek, with cooling breezes down
the valley and almost no bugs. Walk or bike the 1-mile forest trail to
Camp Dick campground, with abundant columbines and wildflowers
along the way. Many other hiking trails in the area. ​Side trips ​to Ward, Allenspark, or Brainard Lake at 10,000 feet. ​
Trip limit: 8 people, 2 cars.

From Boulder: 62 miles, 1.5 hours drive time     Elevation: 6000 feet

Campsite 33   Sunday, June 11 — Sunday, June 18    5 nights camping