• Social Sign Language: Visual Communication Basics
  • Transitions: Adapting Well to Hearing Loss
  • Conversation Reboot: New Communication Strategies 
We share resources about acquired deafness
and the best ways to adapt. 
We inform people about the nature of acquired deafness & ways to adapt.


Community Workshop Events

We provide Education, Advocacy, Role models, & Support (EARS) for people who have lost their hearing.

ALDA, Inc., the Association of Late Deafened Adults,
​is a national nonprofit consumer advocacy & support organization. 

The mission of ALDA is to support the empowerment of deafened people.
Late-Deafened Adults
​are people who have lost
​the ability to understand speech with or without hearing aids after they acquired spoken language.

We are committed to providing a support network and a sense of belonging ​by sharing our unique experiences, challenges and coping strategies, helping one another find practical solutions and emotional support, and working with other organizations and service providers for our common good. 

ALDA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 


Free Consumer Class Programs

Connecting Deafened People


We raise public awareness about hearing loss ​&
​guide others through challenges of deafened life. 

Boulder Chapter of the Association of Late-Deafened Adults, Colorado

Who is ALDA?

  • Peer Mentors: Private chats on hearing loss challenges
  • Deaf Toolbox: Free technology coaching on adaptive gear
  • Speakers Bureau: Share your perspectives with others

Role models


in Boulder County & Beyond

  • Social chats and accessible community events 
  • Boulder Silent Outdoor Group: Hikes, bikes, & walking tours
  • Summer Car-Camping Program with sign language classes 
We support the empowerment of deafened people
​and advocate ​for communication access rights.

Welcome to ALDA-Boulder

  • Captioning Access Program
  • Self–Advocacy Training Workshops
  • Advocacy Resources for Consumers
  • We are the first Colorado chapter of ALDA, founded ​in 2012. 
  • We serve people in Boulder County, including Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, and other county areas.
  • Our programs are for people of any age who have lost their hearing. 
    Bring family members ​& friends! 
  • Some of us use speech & speech-reading, some have hearing aids
    or implants, some use sign language or writing.
    Our official motto is "Whatever Works!"

  • ALDA extends a warm welcome to everyone, deafened or not,
    ​who supports our goals. 

Our network encourages a sense of belonging 
with social events for individuals, friends, & family.