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Speaker's Bureau on Deaf

2018 Advocacy & Outreach Projects

 Sign Language Initiative

& Hard of Hearing Topics

Do you have questions about access rights or 
​other issues concerning deafened people?

Are you aware of barriers that affect deaf or
hard of hearing people in your community?

Do you have an idea for an advocacy project?

Do you know someone who is deafened, Deaf,
or hard of hearing who might be interested in
​joining our Speaker's Bureau?

Do you have talents & energy to help out with
ALDA-Boulder programs & events?

​Let's meet to share ideas & discuss ways we can work together. Use our CONTACT page to get in touch with us.

This advocacy & education project aims to increase public awareness of three services that benefit people who are deaf or have hearing loss: 

  • CART: Communication Access Real-Time Translation 
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Captioning for Video Materials

We’ll create informative materials
on access rights & solutions to
educate targeted groups. We'll
develop & share "best practices"
guidelines for achieving greater
inclusivity in programs offered to the
public, in workplace & educational
settings, & for regular meetings  &
special events hosted by community

Consulting with government agencies, providers of access services, consumer groups, & businesses, we
​will develop standards for accommodation requests
​& service delivery practices.


  • Improving Equal Access to Communication
    & Information in Our Communities
  • Improving Public Awareness about
    ​Communication Access Rights & Solutions
  • Improving Community Inclusiveness & Engagement
  • Improving Advocacy & Leadership Skills

Interested in working on this project? Do you have questions, comments, or ideas on access issues? See our CONTACT page for ways to share your ideas & suggestions.

    ALDA-Boulder  •  ​Association of Late Deafened Adults  •  Boulder, Colorado

    ALDA-Boulder is hosting the creation of a local Speaker’s Bureau to educate & inform the public about issues related to hearing loss & deafness. Our goals are to increase the visibility of people who are deaf & have hearing loss in 
    ​our communities and to connect deafened people as role models and educators.

    In this 3-year project, we will create a Boulder County-based

    Speaker’s Bureau that can send a single speaker or a panel, depending on the focus & purpose of the organization & the nature of the event. We will offer speakers on very specific topics, or for more general information. We aim to highlight the diversity of experiences that fall under the wider label of “deaf & hard of hearing.” 

    We will coordinate activities with other Colorado deaf & hearing loss nonprofit organizations, national deaf & hard of hearing groups, and state & local government agencies to create a resource serving Boulder County and beyond.

    To volunteer on this advocacy project, or to request a
    ​Speaker Profile form to join our listings, see our CONTACT page.

    Community Captioning &