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Tuesday nights, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at Panera Bread, 
​29th Street Center in Boulder, 1855 29th Street

Community classes in Boulder County locations

Daytime & evening classes

• Library, rec center, or . . . ??

AWARENESS: The 5 Worst Habits of People with Hearing Loss ... 
    and 5 Better Ones
EQUIPMENT: The Best Tech Tools for Hearing Loss
INTERACTIONS: Winning Communication Strategies & Techniques
EXPERIENCES: The Inner Side of Hearing Loss
ACTION: Self-Advocacy & Communication Access Rights
PARTICIPATION: Navigating Social Situations 

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Social Language Weekly Practice

Want to practice signing with others? Learn a few new signs or work on fluency? Join us after work or after school. For all ages & any level of signing ability. Informal, family friendly, drop in anytime.


  • No signing experience needed
  • Designed especially for people with hearing loss — any level, mild to profound. 
  • "Rusty" signers are welcome
  • Bring a conversation partner!

  • Using space to organize information & ideas
  • The ASL manual alphabet & numbers
  • ​Basic sign groups for everyday chatting

Each class introduces sign clusters, with tips for usage, activities for fluency, & extensive visual aids. We have plenty of hands-on practice in class! Classes taught in English format by deafened people, to show diverse personal signing styles. Great for spouses, family members, & friends too. All ages are welcome.

Limited class size — 16 maximum 
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Social Sign Language

Suggestions ... ?

Education Programs

Living WELL with Hearing Loss

A 6-part series for individuals, focusing on adapting ​& thriving with hearing loss. These classes are designed for people with any level of loss — mild to profound. We provide the tools & perspectives you need to manage everyday challenges & special situations. Hearing partners are welcome too: family members, friends, caregivers, & service providers.

  • Fully accessible: Sessions have Real-Time Captioning (CART), listening devices, sign language interpreters, & extensive use
    of written materials.  
  • Workshops feature lectures with slides, interactive exercises,
    ​& group discussions. Workbook & resource packets available.
  • Series developed & presented by ALDA-Boulder members who have hearing loss. 
  • Flexible formats to meet group needs: weekly class, twice weekly, 2-day workshops, daily sessions for 1 week, etc.

Use our CONTACT page to make a request for Peer Mentoring or to ask questions about this program.

ALDA-Boulder's Peer Mentoring Program offers free private sessions for individuals, couples, & groups. Informal chats provide opportunities for discussing experiences, learning problem-solving & self-advocacy skills, & finding solutions to common hearing-loss issues. We provide connections between people with hearing loss, with the goal of sharing positive aspects of adapting to deafness & developing a healthy deaf identity.
Coaching sessions can cover:

  • Accepting changes in hearing ability & deciding how to adjust
  • How to apply materials from audiologists to adapt well
  • Finding useful local, state, & national hearing loss resources 
  • Communication strategies for couples, families, or at work
  • How to manage deafness in specific situations, such as social events, public meetings, family gatherings, or at work
  • Knowing your rights to access & inclusion, & learning to deal with attitudes & awareness to overcome barriers

Are you wondering ...

"How do I adapt to becoming deaf?”

“How do I meet others like me who have gone deaf?”

“How will I keep my job?” "What about the phone?"

“Where will I find the information I need?” 

Peer Mentoring Program 

on Adaptive Technology

This program offers 1 to 3 free sessions of private meetings to create customized a Communication Access Plan for you or your household. We start with assessments of what's needed & what's already working. Together, we'll develop plans for each person's needs, with resource lists & reading materials. Potential topic areas include:

ALDA-Boulder members who have years of experience with hearing loss are available for personal consultations on how to get the best use out of today's communication technology. 

In recent years, our communication technology options have expanded incredibly. But with so many choices, how do you know what really works best?

This is a great century for hearing loss!

To learn more about this program or request a meeting, email us at ALDAboulder@gmail.com, 

or use our CONTACT page.

  • Hearing-Loss Friendly Telephone Alternatives 
  • Computer & Online Options for People with Hearing Loss
  • Personal Devices: Hearing Aids, Implants, Portable Listening Systems, & Integrated Solutions
  • Access to Community Events: Devices & Services
  • Home Modifications: Tech Tools, Entertainment, & Safety

Personal Coaching 

Deaf Toolbox

Visual Communication for People with Hearing Loss


Do you have ideas for programs related to hearing loss?

Would you like to be part of our local training teams?

Are you looking for a customized hearing loss workshop or training for your group?

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ALDA-Boulder offers a basic 8-week class series to introduce people to sign language as a creative & ​engaging means of communication. Our focus is on using sign language for e​veryday conversation & enjoyment. You'll learn useful phrases for daily life
​& explore ways you can replace or enhance spoken language with silent language.

Talking with your hands is a useful skill to have!

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