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We welcome deafened, Deaf, & hard of hearing people; individuals, family, & 
friends. We welcome sign language users, lip-readers, folks who do neither, or whatever. Hearing people are welcome too. ALDA's motto is "Whatever Works!"

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Outdoors & Recreation

ALDA-Boulder is the first Association of Late Deafened Adults group in Colorado, chartered in 2012. We serve people of Boulder County — people with any degree
​of deafness, our families & friends, & anyone who interacts with deafened people. 

Lost: My Hearing    Found: A Family

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Role Models

Who Is ALDA? We are the Association of Late Deafened Adults (ALDA) — a nonprofit organization with
​the general objectives of providing 
Education, Advocacy, Role models, and Support (or EARS) for people with acquired deafness. ALDA, Inc. has a strong record of significant accomplishments — both nationally & by local chapters — in empowering deafened people & improving accessibility.​

We are not alone. But sometimes it feels that way. Almost 20% of Americans, or
​48 million people, have hearing loss. We are the largest disability group in the U.S. Yet ​it can be hard to find each other & to get what we need to live well.


ALDA-Boulder offers a variety of social & recreational events for people with hearing loss. 

  • Boulder Silent Outdoor Group
  • Coffee & Tea, Sign & Chat
  • Accessible Community Events 
  • Random social outings...

Connecting Deafened People
in Boulder County & Beyond

ALDA informs people about the nature of acquired deafness & how we adapt.

  • Social Sign Language Classes
  • Transitions:
    Understanding Hearing Loss
    (6-part classes & workshops)

  • Staff Trainings on Deaf &
    Hard of Hearing Topics

Our goals are healthy outdoor activities & conversations with interesting people.

ALDA is about communication and acceptance of every deafened individual.

  • Community Captioning &
    Sign Language Initiative

  • Self-Advocacy Training
  • Consulting on Accessibility & Creating Deaf-Friendly Programs

The Boulder Silent Outdoor Group offers various 
deaf-friendly activities for people of all ages, 
in great locations all around Boulder County.


​Use the CONTACT page to join the BSOG mailing list or to suggest an activity.

​All outdoor adventures are designed for easy communication. We choose places that are family-friendly with a variety of things to do. We provide free healthy snacks!

ALDA-Boulder  •  ​Association of Late Deafened Adults  •  Boulder, Colorado

Deafened people guide others in understanding hearing loss & deafness issues.

  • Speaker's Bureau on Deaf &
    Hard of Hearing Topics

  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Deaf Toolbox: Personal Coaching on Adaptive Technology

For Summer of 2019, ALDA-Boulder introduces Small-Group Camping Trips at great Colorado campgrounds. Space is limited — save your spot now! (see below)