in Boulder County & Beyond

One of ALDA’s most significant contributions is adding friendships and social activities back into the lives of people who have lost their hearing.

In ALDA we find people who share the
​same experience and work together to
find solutions to the everyday challenges
of living with acquired hearing loss.
​When ALDA members get together,
communication barriers disappear. 

Through Local Chapters, Community Forums, & our Annual ALDAcons, friendships are formed that feel like family.

Lost: My Hearing    Found: A Family

Connecting Deafened People

Our philosophy regarding communicating can be 

summed up in just two words: WHATEVER WORKS!
We believe that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to
achieve effective communication, only that different
​methods work best for different people.

Choosing how to understand & be understood by others depends on many factors. These include but are not limited to the degree of hearing loss of each person involved, individual opportunities to discover, learn, & practice various approaches, and what is probably most important, personal preference.

For meetings, we have live captioning (CART) or interpreters. To keep
​in touch, we use various technologies: email, captioned & amplified phones, texting, videophones, & internet options. For chatting in person, we get creative & something always works.

ALDA-Boulder logo design by John Walton

of Space Head Concept, Boulder, Colorado.

How We Communicate

In Memorium


Marilyn Earle Herr

11/8/27 – 1/19/15

ALDA's Objectives: E.A.R.S.

The ALDA Mission
The mission of the Association of Late Deafened Adults is to support the empowerment of deafened people. 
Late-Deafened Adults are people who have lost the ability to understand speech with or without hearing aids after acquiring spoken language. ALDA is committed to providing a support network & a sense of belonging by sharing our unique experiences, challenges & coping strategies, helping one another find practical solutions & emotional support, & working together with other organizations & service providers for our common good.

The ALDA Vision
To establish a universal presence for ALDA that connects people who embrace all forms of communication — visual, oral, aural — 
​and supports people who face the unique challenges of living as a late-deafened adult.





ALDA-Boulder is pleased to announce that
​our Social Sign Language  & Transitions classes have been accepted as a Sponsored Program at the Boulder Public Library.


Renate Alpert

Board Member Emeritas

2/2/29 – 5/27/19

​Late-deafened adults are people who were not born deaf, but rather became deaf after they developed language skills. We cannot understand speech without visual clues, and thus cannot rely on their hearing as a means of receptive communication. Instead, deafened adults must primarily depend on some visual mode of receptive communication, such as speechreading, sign language, or text-reading. 

ALDA-Boulder is grateful for the generous support of the Colorado Commission for ​the Deaf & Hard of Hearing.

ALDA-Boulder  •  ​Association of Late Deafened Adults  •  Boulder, Colorado

Our deafness may have been the result of heredity, accident, illness, drugs, surgery, or “causes unknown.”
​Our hearing losses may have occurred suddenly or may have progressively deteriorated over a period of years. Most importantly, however, regardless of the cause or rapidity of our hearing losses, all deafened adults share the cultural experience of having been raised in the hearing community & having “become” deaf, rather than having been “born” deaf.

Education: ALDA is committed to providing education & information to deafened adults, their families & friends, service providers, rehabilitation counselors, government agencies, businesses, & the public about the nature of acquired deafness & how we adapt to social, psychological, familial, occupational, economic, & communication challenges as deafened adults.

Advocacy: ALDA is committed to advocating on behalf of deafened people; to representing the needs, desires, & interests of deafened adults
in public & private programs & civic life; and to integrating deafened people into all aspects of society.

​Role Models: ALDA is committed to providing good role models for deafened people who are adapting to late-deafness, and to providing opportunities to enhance the image, competence, & quality of life of deafened people.

​Support: ALDA is committed to providing support for all deafened adults (and their families & friends) regarding how to adjust to the challenges of acquired deafness, and to providing social enrichment through the promotion of activities in which they can meaningfully participate.